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      Jump bid and skip bid mean the same thing.

      Shift means you bid a different suit (not notrump) than your opening

      suit (when you opened) or than your partner’s suit when he/she





      A skip bid may be in a suit bid or a notrump bid.   It is a bid that is

      one-or-more levels higher than necessary for that bid.  That is, you

      skipped over a lower level bid of that same suit or notrump.


You Should Learn


      1. Social Bridge


          “I’m about to make a skip bid.  Please wait”.


      2. Duplicate bridge


          Place the STOP card in front of you.

          Place your jump bid card in front of you.

          Return the STOP card to the bidding box.


          Note: You do not use the ALERT card for jump bids.


      3. You are notifying your PARTNER of your special bid which

         requires the jump.  You are not notifying the opponents.


Jump/Skip Bid Types


      During the bidding any one-or-more of the players may make a skip

      bid.  However, they may skip for a variety of different reasons.

      Jump/Skip bids are explained in the following sequence:



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           A.  Opener          C.  Responder to Opener          E. Responder to

                                                                                            Takeout Double

           B.  Overcaller      D.  Responder to Overcaller          


A. Opener


     1. Weak 2 Bids


         It is a hand with 5–10 HCP and 6 cards in the suit (diamonds,

         hearts or spades).


     2. Strong 2 Clubs


         An opening 2 club indicates some kind of strong type hand,

         depending on the partnership agreement, if any.


     3. Level 3 Preemptive


         It is a hand with 7 cards in the suit (maybe 6 in clubs).  If non-

         vulnerable, you might have 0-9 HCP.  If vulnerable, you should

         have close to 9 HCP.


     4. Level 4 Major or 5 Level Minor Preemptive


         This is a mixed bag.  It should be 8+ cards in a major or 9+ cards in a

         minor.  It may be preemptive, strong or strong only in the bid suit.  It

         depends on the player, the vulnerability, and other deceptive factors.


         Note:  Partner will have no way of knowing which type it is.






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A. Opener (continued)


     5. Opener’s Rebid  


          A jump rebid of opener’s suit indicates 16+ HCP and 6+ cards.

          A jump shift to a new suit indicates 18/19+ HCP but only 4+ cards in

                                                                     the second suit.

          A jump to 2 notrump indicates 16-17 HCP (a game invitation)

                                                                     over a 1 level response.

          A jump to 3 notrump indicates 14/15+ HCP over a 2 level response.

          A double jump to 3 notrump indicates 18+ HCP over a 1 level



B. Overcaller (usually in second position)


      1. Level 2 Bid    


          a. A suit bid should be a weak 2 type of hand (defined above).

                  2 diamonds/hearts/spades over 1 club

                  2 hearts/spades over 1 diamond

                  2 spades over 1 heart


          b. A 2 notrump overcall is an Unusual Notrump with 5/5 in the

              two lower unbid suits.  That is always the minors over an opening

              major suit by the opponents.


      2. Level 3 Bid


          This may be a weak 2 type bid or a 7 card preemptive bid.


                  3 clubs over 1 diamond/heart/spade may be either.

                  3 diamonds over 1 club is preemptive.

                                    over 1 heart/spade may be either.

                  3 hearts over 1 club/diamond is preemptive.

                                over 1 spade is a weak 2 type bid.

                  3 spades over 1 club/diamond/heart is preemptive.

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B. Overcaller (continued)


      3. Level 4 Bid


          This is a 7+ card suit preemptive bid usually at favorable

                                         vulnerability, or

          This is a 7+ card strong suit hand and may make game or a

                                         good save.


          Note: Partner never knows which.


C. Responder to Opening Bid




                 A new suit response at the 1 level is 6-18 HCP.

                 A new suit response at the 2 level is 10-18 HCP.


                 So there is no reason to make a jump-shift response to indicate

                 an opening type 12-15 HCP hand.  That point count is covered

                 already as noted above.  However, misguided bridge players

                 continue to make these calls for fear that their opening partner

                 might pass if they don’t.  They don’t need a different point count

                 system.  They need a new partner.


      1. First time jump-shift in a suit


          This an 18/19+ HCP hand and (per Goren) should have at least 5

          cards in that reasonably strong suit.


      2. Second time jump in a suit


          After responding the first time without a skip, a skip on the second

          bid indicates an opening type hand with 12+ HCP.  If it is a rebid of

          the same suit, it only guarantees 5 cards in that suit.  Without 3 card

          support, the opener should bid 3 notrump.  

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C. Responder to Opening Bid

      2. Second time jump in a suit (continued)


          Note: A repeat bid of your response suit without skipping also

                   guarantees only 5 cards but no more than the original 6-9



      3. Skip to 2 Notrump


          This indicates an opening hand (12-15 HCP), no 4 card unbid major,

          but still may have support for opener’s major suit.  


      4. Level 3 Bid


          a. A single jump support bid of opener’s suit (major or minor) is a

              Limit Raise with 10 or 11 HCP, including distribution.


          b. A double jump new suit bid at the 3 level by the responder

              indicates he/she is creating a new bidding convention which

              partner may learn later.


              Example:  3 hearts/spades over 1 club/diamond


          c. Three Notrump


              A 3 notrump jump bid:


                   1)  After partner’s opening 1 notrump indicates 10+ HCP.

                   2)  After partner’s rebid of 1 notrump indicates an opening

                        hand (12+ HCP).


                   3)  After partner’s minor suit opening bid indicates an opening

                        hand (12+ HCP) and major suit shortage, possibly avoiding

                        an opponent save in one of the majors.


                   4)  After partner’s major suit opening indicates shortage in both

                        majors, 12+ HCP and a runnable 6+ card minor suit.

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C. Responder to Opening Bid (continued)


       5. Level 4 Bid


           a.  Of Opener’s Major (support bid)


                This hand should have 6-11 HCP, 4+ card support and a

                singleton or a void.   LEARN THIS BID.


           b.  Of Opener’s Minor (support bid)


                This hand should have good and/or long support and is an

                 invitation to game.  It implies that 3 notrump is too risky.


           c.  Of 4 clubs


                1)  A double jump over partner’s opening 1 diamond/heart/spade

                     is a Gerber slam query.  If you play Roman Key Card Gerber,

                     opener’s suit is the implied trump suit.


                2)  The same 4 clubs over 1 club is not Gerber.  See 5b above

                      and 5c3 below.


                3)  You should/must use Blackwood (4 notrump) for a slam query

                      over an opening 1 club bid.


           d.  I do not teach or play splinter bids, but for those that do; it

                would probably be a splinter bid.


       6. Jump to a Game bid after Weak 2 Open


           Whether it’s 3 notrump, 4 of a major or 5 diamonds, the bid

           indicates enough HCP strength with opener’s minimum of 5 HCP

           to make game.


           Note: If not sure, use Ogust first.

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D. Responder to Partner’s Overcall


     1. Suit Overcall


         a.  A jump in partner’s overcall suit indicates an opening hand (12+

              HCP) with support and invites game if overcaller’s recounted hand

              is now 12+ HCP and distribution points.


         b. A jump in a new suit indicates an opening hand (12+ HCP),

             6+ cards and strength in that suit and a need for points not support

             for partner to take it to game in that suit. That would be 12+ points.


         c. A jump to 2 notrump is a 15+ HCP hand and a need for HCP

             for partner to take it to 3 notrump.  That would be 10+ HCP.

             It also implies at least 2 stoppers in any opponent 5+ card bid suit.


         d. A jump to 3 notrump indicates 17+ HCP and a prayer.


     2. One Notrump Overcall


         A jump to 3 notrump indicates 10+ HCP and no 4+ card major.