ACBL13A – Defense: Ruff Return Signal           Ward Trumbull

                                                                                                                   Nov 2, 2004

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      The opponents are in a four spade contract, and you lead your singleton heart to your partner’s ace.  He gives you a ruff;

and if you can get back to him for a second ruff, you’ll set the

contract.  So what you need is a:


                     Ruff Return Signal


      That signal would indicate whether you should next lead a

club or a diamond to get to partner again.


      NOTE: Partner doesn’t always have a second entry.

                    But if he does, you don’t want to miss it.


Ruff Return Signal


      There are four suits. The trump suit is one, and the suit being

ruffed is another.  Of the other two suits one will be a higher

ranked suit than the other.  For example, diamonds over clubs, or

spades over diamonds, or hearts over clubs, etc.


      Thus if partner returns a high card in the suit to be ruffed, he

wants you to return (lead) the higher of the two outside suits.  If he returns a low card in that suit, he wants you to return the lower of the outside suit.











             ACBL13A – Defense: Ruff Return Signal           Nov 2, 2004

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Example:  The contract is four hearts.


                                S -   K Q x x

                                H -   A x x x

                                D -   Q J x

                                C -   x x


            S -  6                                          S -  A 10 7 3

            H -  x x x                                     H -  x x

            D -  x x x x x                               D -  x x

            C -  Q J x x                                 C -  A x x x x


      You lead the six of spades.  Partner takes the trick with his

ace.  Partner returns the 3 (low card) of spades for you to ruff.

You should return the lower (clubs) of the two outside suits for

a second ruff.