ACBL07B – Defense: Top of Sequence Revision Ward Trumbull

Apr 30, 2007

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The opening lead rules for “top of a sequence” depend on whether it

is a suit or notrump contract.

1. Suit Contracts

In this case a sequence of only two cards is required, preferably


Examples: ace from A K x x

king from K Q x

queen from Q J x x x

jack from J 10 x x

2. Notrump Contracts

For notrump contracts, a top of a sequence of 3 is preferred. Such

as AKQ, KQJ, QJ10, etc. Eddie Kantar calls them a “perfect

sequence”, and Charles Goren called them a “complete sequence”.

However, both also noted that a 3 card sequence missing the third

card should also be included.

Examples: ace from A K J x x (queen missing)

king from K Q 10 x (jack missing)

queen from Q J 9 x x (10 missing)

jack from J 10 8 x (9 missing)

There is one exception. That is when you lead from a 6+ card suit.

In this case only a two card top of sequence is required.

Examples: king from K Q x x x x

queen from Q J x x x x

Note: From A K x x x x, you should still lead the fourth card down.