ACBLO6C – General: Winning Bridge                 Ward Trumbull

                                                                                                                 Feb 25, 2013

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To win at bridge (rubber or duplicate) you need 4 things.


      1. Aggressive- assertive bidding.


          a. Use 15-18 HCP for opening 1 notrump hands.

            B. Use the Trumbull 2 club opening bid.

            c. Use Ogust when partner opens Weak 2 hands.

            d. Use Roman Key Card Gerber and Blackwood.


       2. LUCK – bad defense by the opponents


  1. They don’t know the basic rules for opening leads against suit or notrump


  1. They have no defensive signals.

            c.  They cash aces at the first opportunity.

            d.  They pay no attention to which suit(s) their partner may be ruffing.


            e.  Dummys that have singletons or voids when you are in a suit contract.

            f.  Reasonable suit splits, such as 4-3-3-3, 5-3-3-2 and 6-3-2-2.




            a. As declarer, you or partner must use the ARCH checklist to come up with a

                reasonable line of play.

  1. Learn to recognize and correctly play cross-ruff hands.
  2. Count

1)  Winners in notrump contracts

                 2)  Losers in suit contracts

                 3)  Opponent’s HCP

                 4)  Suit distributions

                 5)  Opponent’s discards

                 6)  Your blessings




            a. Make more penalty doubles on competitive bidding hands.  

            b. Make Save bids with very distributional hands.

            c. Don’t pull partner’s penalty doubles.