ACBL05B – 2 Clubs: Trumbull Convention         Ward Trumbull

                             vs Opponent Overcalls                  Jul 14, 2008

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      ACBL05A defines the Trumbull 2 Clubs Convention.


  1. A distributional hand that is strong enough to make game on its own or very close to it, that is, at least within one trick of game.


  1. A notrump type hand with19-21 HCP.


When an Opponent Overcalls


      The responder is all set to make the mandatory waiting 2 diamonds response, but the right hand opponent (RHO) makes an intervening overcall bid.  The responder has 3 options:


Overcall           Bid                             Meaning

------------      ----------      --------------------------------------------------

2 of a suit        pass             I’m waiting.     


2 of a suit       double           I have 1 stopper in the overcalled suit. That

                                             would be an ace or king stopper only.                                  


2/3 of a suit    2/3 notrump   I have 2 stoppers in the overcall suit. That

                                             would be such as A K, A Q x, K Q x or K J x.


2 notrump       double         The 2 notrump is probably an unusual notrump

(unusual)                             for the minors.  The double indicates 4+/4+ in

                                            the majors.  This won’t come up often.


      For the suit overcalls, think of this as a “Trumbull Negative Double”.

That is, double with one stopper and bid 2 notrump with two.






                 ACBL05B – 2 Clubs: Trumbull Convention            Jul 14, 2008

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      The responder’s hand is:


             Spades           9 6 4 2

             Hearts             K 5 3 2

             Diamonds       K J 7

             Clubs              10 8  


      Partner’s      RHO’s       Responder’s

           Bid        Overcall             Bid                     Meaning

      -------------   --------------   ------------------   ------------------------------

       2 clubs          2 diamonds    2 notrump            2 diamond stoppers

                            2 hearts          double                  1 heart stopper

                            2 spades         pass                     waiting

                            2 notrump       double                  4+/4+ in the majors

                            3 clubs            pass                     waiting

                            3 diamonds     3 notrump            2 diamond stoppers

                            3 hearts          double                  1 heart stopper

                            3 spades         pass                     waiting


Final Note


      The responder should not treat Q J x x as a double stopper in the overcall suit.  The opening partner will tend to think he/she has an ace or king in that suit.