ACBL04E - Notrump: Smolen                              Ward Trumbull

                                                                                                                Oct 3,  2010

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I am smitten with Smolen since Fred Dyle introduced me to it.



The following is copied from the ACBL Encyclopedia of Bridge.    


      Smolen Transfer


      An adjunct to Stayman and Jacoby Transfer bids for game-going

      hands.  It was devised by Mike Smolen of Los Angeles to allow the

      notrump opener to become the declarer in responder’s long suit

      after responder has used Stayman with 5-4 or 6-4 in the major suits.

      Using Smolen Transfers after the auction has started:


                            North                      South

                             1NT                         2C



      South jumps to three of his four-card major, showing that he has more

      than four cards in the other major.


      If the opener has three cards in the unbid major, he bids game in that

      major.  If the opener has only a doubleton, he bids three notrump.

      If the responder has 6 cards in the unbid major, he continues by

      bidding four of the suit just below his unbid major, as a transfer.


      After an opening 2 notrump bid, Stayman followed by 3 hearts or 3

      spades can be used similarly.


      The convention can be used at the two-level.  One notrump-2C-2D-

      2H shows four hearts and 5 spades with invitational strength.


      This was adopted as the consensus choice in BWS94, with 2-thirds




                   ACBL04E - Notrump: Smolen                              Oct 3,  2010

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Editorial Comments


      1.  I don’t know what BWS94 means.


      2.  A key word is game-going.  That means the responder has 10+

           HCP with the 5-4 type hand, because the contract might end up   

           1n 3 notrump.


      3.  It didn’t say it, but the four-level transfer with 6 cards in the unbid

           major is a Texas Transfer.   And consistent with a Texas Transfer,

           the responder would need only 6-11 HCP.


           NOTE: With the 6-4 hand I recommend doing an immediate Texas

                       Transfer instead of jumping to the 3 level.


      4.  The Smolen Transfer does not force the opener to bid his long

            5-6 card suit as does Jacoby Transfer and Minor Suit Transfer.

            It is optional, and the opener must have 3 cards in that suit to bid



      5.  At the end it mentions invitational strength.  What does that mean?

           I take it as 8-9 HCP.  The responder would pass if the opener

           denies 3 cards in the unbid major by rebidding 2 notrump.


How About 0-7 HCP Hands


      In ACBL04B I discuss 5-4 hands.  There would be some conflict if

      you are playing Smolen.  Per that write-up, you used Stayman; and

      after a 2 diamond answer, you transferred and passed.  However,

      partner would take that transfer bid as a Smolen Transfer and

      probably might not bid the transfer major.  So forget ACBL04B when

      you play Smolen.


      Instead, just transfer to the longer major and pass.   BUT with a 6-4

      hand and 6-7 HCP, do a Texas Transfer to the 6 card major.