ACBL03C – Bidding: Lebensohl 2 Notrump         Ward Trumbull

              Used over Opponent’s Weak 2 Bids                  Aug 18, 2009

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      You pick up the 17 HCP heart hand shown below, and then your Right Hand Opponent (RHO) opens 2 spades.  



                           H....A K J 9 7 5

                           D....K Q 3

                           C....K J 6


      You have three options:


             1. Overcall 4 hearts and pray

             2. Overcall 3 hearts and hope partner takes you to 4

             3. Double with 12+ HCP and find out what partner has


      Option 3 is the correct bid.


      Suppose you double, and partner bids 3 clubs.  How many HCP does your partner have?  You don’t know.  It could be none.

So now you’re left with options 1 or 2.


      NOTE: Remember your partner must bid in response to your

                  takeout double.


The SOLUTION.....(Must be alerted)


      By using the Lebensohl 2 Notrump convention, the responder to the double will not bid at the 3-level without 8+ HCP.  With that understanding, the 3 club bid above would guarantee the 8+ HCP, and you could then bid the 4 hearts yourself.




             ACBL03C – Bidding: Lebensohl 2 Notrump       Aug 18, 2009

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The Solution (continued)


      The responder options using the  Lebensohl 2 Notrump convention are:


             1. You can bid a higher ranking suit at the two level, i.e.


                         a. 2 hearts/spades over a weak 2 diamonds, or

                         b. 2 spades over a weak 2 hearts.


                 These bids show 4+ cards in the bid major, but say nothing

                 about HCP.


               Note: Do not skip to the three level to bid that suit.


                 This bid does not need to be alerted.


             2. Bid a suit at the 3-level without skipping.  These bids show 4+

                 cards in the suit and 8+ HCP.


                 This bid must be alerted.  The explanation is:


                             “My partner has 8+ HCP.”


             3. Bid 2 notrump (Lebensohl 2 Notrump).  This bid is made to

                 indicate you couldn’t bid a suit at the 2-level and don’t have 8+

                 HCP to bid at the 3-level.


               Note 1: It does not indicate that you have a stopper in

                            the opponent’s suit.


                 Note 2: The Lebensohl 2 Notrump bid must be alerted.  The

                               explanation is:

                          “My partner does not have 8+ HCP and may not

                           have a stopper in your suit.”

            ACBL03C – Bidding: Lebensohl 2 Notrump        Aug 18, 2009

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The Solution  


             3. Bid 2 notrump (continued)


               The doubler has three options:   


                      a. Extended Lebensohl


                          Bid 3 clubs.  Then the 2 notrump responder can pass (if

                          he/she has length in clubs) or bid another 4+ card suit.

                          The doubler can wing it from there.


                      b. With stoppers in the weak 2 suit, the doubler can pass or

                           bid 3 notrump.


                      c. The doubling partner can then bid his hand at the 3 or 4



Problems, Problems, Problems


      What does your team do if the partner of the weak 2 bidder raises that suit to the 3 level after the double?     


Solutions, Solutions, Solutions


      The responder to the double has these options:


             1. Pass with less than 8 HCP.

             2. Double with 8+ HCP but no 4+ card major to bid.

             3. Bid a 4+ card major with 8+ points

             4. Bid 3 notrump with 8+ HCP and a double stopper in their suit.