ACBL02R – Double: Redoubles                 Ward Trumbull                

                                                                                                            Apr 19, 2011

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Original Purpose


      If a contract is doubled and made, the declarer’s contracted score is doubled and  overtricks are scored in the 100s.  If the contract is redoubled and made, the contract points are quadrupled and overtricks are scored in the multi-hundreds.   Example:


                                Contract Made Score                                      Overtricks

                          ---------------------------------------------       --------------------------------------------

       Contract      Regular      Doubled      Redbled        Regular    DNV   DVL  RNV  RVL  

     --------------     ----------      -------------     ------------       -----------    --------------    ------------

    1 club/diam       20               40                80                 20        100    200     200   400

                                                                                                      300   500     600   1000

                                                                                                      500   800     1000 1600

                                                                                                      800  1100    1600 2200

                                                                                                      etc.    etc.       etc.  etc.


    1 hrt/spade       30               60              120 *               30               same          same


    1 notrump         40               80              160 *               30               same          same


     * Game    DNV = Doubled Not Vulnerable        DVL = Doubled Vulnerable   

                     RNV = Redoubled Not Vulnerable    RVL = Redoubled Vulnerable


There are many reasons to redouble.  Here are a few.


1. Sure Thing Redouble


      Redouble when you’re in a game or slam contract with:


                1. Super high card strength and suit length, and

                2. Weird distribution with singletons and/or voids


      The opponents have probably doubled on HCPs in your short suits.


2. Bluff Redouble


      In a competitive auction, if you get doubled, a frequently used bluff is to redouble.

      At non-vulnerable, you are only gambling 100 points on going set one trick.

      Usually, the opponents will pull the redouble back to their suit.



                 ACBL02R – Double: Redoubles                  April 19, 2011

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3. S O S Redouble


      If you are doubled by your LHO at the one level in a poor/short minor suit and the

      bid has been passed around to you, redouble for partner to bail you out.  Note that

      RHO is probably loaded in your suit.  The same is true for a doubled one notrump

      when the bid is dying out.


4. Responder’s 10/11Redouble


      A standard bidding technique (which I admit I don’t use enough) is for the responder

      to redouble when partner’s opening bid has been doubled.

      The redouble indicates:


                 1. 10 or 11 HCP                                  (with 12 – 15 HCP bid 2 notrump)

                 2. No 4 cards in any unbid major

                 3. Can’t support partner’s opening suit


      This is much better than responding at the 2 level with a minor suit.


5. Kock-Werner Redouble


      Redouble when your partner’s overcall has been doubled, and you have a singleton

      or void in his/her suit.  This redouble has three advantages:


              1. The bidding level remains the same.

              2. Partner is informed of the possible misfit and can bid a secondary suit.

              3. It keeps you from offering another suit in which partner may have a

                  singleton or void.


      Redouble when partner’s opening weak 2 bid is doubled, and you have a singleton

      or void in his/her suit.  For the same three reasons above.